Function, Duties and Objectives

The Meghalaya Nursing Council developed after sustained efforts were put in by a group of nursing professionals in the year 1995 and who worked as a committee in close conduct with the Health Minister of Meghalaya. In the year 1997, bill got passed and in the year 2001, Meghalaya Nursing Council Act, 1997, Act No. 3 of 1999 along with rules, was notified on June 11, 2001.


In August, 2001 the constitution of Meghalaya Nursing Council was published and May 17, 2002. The Health Minister of Govt. Meghalaya inaugurated the council.


Aims and Objectives of the council are :


  • Register and re-register the practicing nurses, midwives, ANM/FHW, Female Health Supervisor, Female Health Assistants employed anywhere through out India & Abroad.
  • Licensing, supervision and recognition of training institutions of nursing.
  • Conducting continuing nursing education programmes for in-service of clinical nurses, ANM’s nursing faculty members of college and schools of nursing.
  • Handling of grievances and appeals of aggrieved persons related to refusal of recognition, affiliation and registration.


Mission & Vision of the council


  • To provide data base of available practicing nurses in the state of Meghalaya


  • To improve standards of health care in the state of Meghalaya.


  • To serve as an agency to develop nursing staffing norms, recruitment policy, pay & remuneration and any other nursing related policies.


  • To enable the nurses, ANM/FHW, Midwives, Female Health Assistants to provide care to the patients by safe practices