About Us


Meghalaya Nursing Council is dedicated to Safe-guard the health of the society at large by public interest by regulating the nursing profession by registration ,providing highest standard of Nursing and Midwifery and practice in the state of Meghalaya.


  1. Our Mission is to prepare safe, competent, compassionate nursing professionals for Life time
  2. Learning, evidence based practice, autonomous administration and social commitment .The council aims for the advancement of nursing education as well as nursing profession.
  3. To improve standards of health care in the state of Meghalaya.


  1. Primarily aimed at protecting the public from unskilled and unsafe hand.
  2. To give legal recognition to various categories of Nursing Personel.


  1. To import a type of education which will produce a nurse who is confidently conversant with the demands that may be made for her by the patient in the hospital and community at large.
  2. To provide safe nursing service to the public.
  3. to provide a sound, uniform system of education based on scientific knowledge.


  1. The Meghalaya Nursing Council believes.
    1. Professional nurse will maintain desirable standards of health.
    2. Council has a responsibility in helping the students to develop pride in their profession besides keeping the abreast with current knowledge & professional trends for a successful career ahead.
    3. Skills in all aspects of communication are also essential for learning and for the practice of nursing.


  1. Governed by the Three Committees as per Meghalaya Nurses Act, 1934.
    1. General Body Committee consists of 20 members. Among them13(EX-Officio members),.3 Elected representative of Nurses Midwives, PHNS-,(1 from Medical Faculty & 1 from Medical Council). President-Director of Health Services -.Government of Meghalaya, Ex-Officio Vice – President elected from the G.B. Committee member.
    2. The Committee have to meet (3) three times annually.
    3. Education and Examination Committee consisting of 6 members to be elected from General Body of the Council
    4. General Purpose committee- consists of 6 members to be elected from General body of the council.


  1. The Meghalaya Nursing Council functions with its own resources along with an annual grant from the State Govt.


  1. Some of the important activities of the Meghalaya Nursing Council:
    1. To conduct examination.
    2. To issue various types of certificates viz , Qualifying Certificates , Registration , Reciprocal Registration & Additional Qualifications
    3. To maintain register of nurses
    4. To renew all the registration certificates every 5 years interval.
    5. Issuance of duplicate of all categories records and certificates of qualifying nurses.