The Meghalaya Nursing Council was established in May 4th 1992 by the Government of the State constituted under the law No.L.L.(B) 63/91/34. It shall be a body corporate having perpetual succession and shall by the said name sue or be sued.

The first council was nominated by Government with different members representing various constituencies under section 4 (1) of the act, all together consisting 14 members. The council is an Autonomous Statutory Registration body for qualified Nurses and ANMs.

Meghalaya Nursing Council believes that basic Nursing Course is a formal educational preparation which should be based on sound principles. It recognises this programme as the foundation of nursing profession on which further professional education depends on.

The Council believes that basic Course in Nursing should prepare Nurses for first level position in Nursing both in Hospital and Community. To achieve this, the Council is of the opinion that good understanding of basic Scientific principles of Communication and learning are essential as Nursing is believed to be a profession influenced by Scientific and technological advances.

The Council reiterates the importance of Clinical / Field Works in establishing a sound Nurse / Client relationship and believes that a substantial portion of the student’s learning experience should be acquired in the Clinical / Field areas.

The Council recognises Nursing as a practical profession for promoting, restoring, maintaining health and in preventing diseases. It also recognises the necessity of developing a deep pride in the Nursing profession amongst students to enable them to further professional growth.

1. To prepare Nurses with a sound educational programme in Nursing to enable them to function as efficient members of the Health Team beginning with the competencies for first level positions in all kinds of Health care settings. 2. To prepare them in personal and professional development so that they are able to make their maximum contribution to the society as useful and productive individuals and citizens, as well as efficient Nurses.

Its function include besides other:

  1. Register person qualified to practice as Nurses and to grant certificate of Registration.
  2. Recognise Schools and colleges of Nursing in the State.
  3. Hold and conduct Examination of Nursing schools in the state.
  4. Arrange periodical inspection of all Schools and Colleges of Nursing.
  5. Tender advice on training and maintenance of standard by the Schools and Colleges of Nursing.
  6. Make regulations for the conduct, practice and professional ethics for the Nurses.
  7. De-recognise Schools and Colleges of Nursing in the state when the training standards have fallen short of the requirement.
The Council is as per the Act headed by President of the Council and duly elected by the members of the council under section 5 of the Act.

The Council meets under the Chairmanship of and take decision on the matters covered by its statutory functions as enumerated above.